Cashier Store Keeper

Purpose of the position

To handles RO/AP/Project treasure, cash transactions and payments according to the generally accepted accounting principles and procedures; handle RO/AP/Project store through proper receipt, categorization, storage, issuance and appropriate record keeping of stoke items to maintain regular store balance.

Work Place: Kochore and Bule Hora

Deadline: June 26, 2022

1.    Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Effects approved cash payment, fuel coupons and materials from store
  • Handles cash collection and timely deposit in the bank
  • Prepares RO/Project/AP’s revolving fund replenishment
  • Prepares deposit voucher to record cash collection and deposits
  • Ensure proper reconciliation of physical count with bin cards and stock cards and report the results to the RO/Project/AP Finance Officer regularly
  • As the cash custodian, he/she ensures safety deposit of financial assets, handles the material supplies according to the material management and finance guidelines of WVE
  • Report the likely risks to the store and properties therein before any damage occurs and report any damage or missing properties in the store immediately after incidence and seeks safe disposal as soon as possible.
  • Handles all bank matters except collecting check books, which have to be done by the accountants;
  • Assists the accountant in canceling payment document, i.e. putting paid stamps on used receipts, invoices and rechecks the completeness of financial documents, approval signatures and attached financial documents

Job Requirements

Qualifications Required:  Degree in Accounting or related field

Work Experience: At least 2 years of experience in Cashier/Store Keeper and NGO experience is preferred

How to Apply

Interested applicants required to apply through this link;

ተጨማሪ ስራዎችን ለመከታተል የቴሌግራም ቻናላችንን ይቀላቀሉ፡
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